Kingdom Builder: Marshlands (Κωδ.: 51314)

Kingdom Builder: Marshlands, the third boxed expansion for Kingdom Builder designed by Donald X. Vaccarino, builds on this already exciting world of skill acquisition and land dominance.

There are 24 location tiles with 8 new abilities and 12 summary cards for the edges of the board. There are 4 new board quadrants with the Marshes land type on them. Castles have been replaced with Forts adding a different scoring possibility. To go along with this new land type, 5 Marsh terrain cards are added to the terrain deck.


Για 2-5 παίκτες, ηλικίας 12+.
Μέση διάρκεια παιχνιδιού 25-55 λεπτά.
Oι οδηγίες είναι στα Αγγλικά.


Τιμή: 28.90 EUR
κόστος μεταφορικών
Βάρος: 1.5 Kg